Cotton Quilting Thread Project Ideas That I Decide to Practise

Cotton thread is an option preferred for its unique finish and quality appearance. A wonderful alternative to rayon or polyester, cotton thread offers so much more to any quilting project making it a more popular choice. Silk or metallic quilting thread are secondary to the cotton quilting thread method. Cotton thread is a much more flexible material to work with when using a sewing machines. This method is easy to use and creates a beautiful quilting thread that you can rely upon.

Quilting Ideas

While a medium luster thread is suitable for most quilting projects, cotton quilting thread is available in a wide range of weights. A variety of cotton quilting thread weights are suitable for both embroidery and sewing projects. Traditionally, cotton quilting thread comes in 100% cotton thread. The benefits of using a cotton quilting thread starts with the fact that cotton is a natural thread. This natural thread provides all types of quilting project with a soft and natural matte look.

Cotton quilting thread between 40wt and 50wt cotton thread is the favored choice for traditional quilting projects. Projects like quilts and sweaters are softer and more durable when a cotton thread of either the 40 or the 50wt is used. Standard cotton thread ranges from 8wt to 100wt for a cotton quilting thread that will not stretch or tire. Sweaters and quilts created from this range tend to fair well in the washing machine and maintain the desired shape over time.

There are many benefits of using cotton quilting thread and at least one not so beneficial reason for using it. Be aware of the cotton threads that fade in direct sun and might even shrink in high temperatures during the washing cycle. Selecting a more reliable cotton thread such as mercerized cotton thread will prevent this from occurring. Mercerized is a very reliable cotton thread on the market due to its luster of thread. Extra luster thread is a result of the mercerized process from a heat and chemical techniques use on the thread.

This heat and chemical process burns away fuzzy threads leaving a very soft and smooth finish product. The result leaves a more perfect luster than any of other thread. Mercerized is versatile thread to work with for any cotton quilting thread project. The increased luster allows the surface of the cotton thread to reflect light off the threads surface. The thread surface also offers great water absorbent aspects created during the dye process easier to work with.

Another benefit of cotton thread is the stronger cotton thread texture it provides cotton thread projects. This softer thread offers an even higher luster than regular cotton thread. While long staple cotton comes with fewer slubs, it also offers a 100% cotton thread quality to create an amazing finish for every quilting project.

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