4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Cloud Hosting

Modern, millennial enterprises are all digitally-driven and hence, have to create an exceptional online presence through their websites. And the best way to do so is finding a smart and efficient hosting service that can handle their needs. That is why we see a rise in web hosting solutions like cloud hosting, which has so far proven to be cost-efficient, secure, and reliable in their operations. However, most site owners are not aware of the mistakes that one can make while opting for cloud web hosting solutions, and end up having a bad experience, making them cynical about this technology. That is why it is important to know about the common mistakes to avoid when choosing your cloud host, so you can reap its benefits optimally.

Not choosing the right platform

The first thing that you need to decide is which cloud hosting platform would be right for your website. And this is the stage where most people make a wrong decision. Depending on the kind of business you run and relevant website requirements, you should decide if you need a shared or private hosting platform. If you are a startup and want to keep the costs minimum, you might want to opt for shared hosting, but you need to assess the probable expansion plans for your site. And when that happens, you might need to add more resources to manage the increased traffic and data. On the other hand, many site owners and big business owners go directly with a private cloud and regret the excess cost, whereas they don’t use all the resources that come with it. Migration might be an option, but you have to factor in the extra cost, time, and other resources it might incur.

Not choosing the right service plan

The market is replete with cloud hosting providers and attractive service plans by each of them. But it is your responsibility to assess which plan will meet your needs. Do you need to focus on the infrastructure, platform, or security? Many site owners opt for a basic service plan and then realize that they are missing out on infrastructure and security. So, before you decide, ask your prospective hosting provider about the tech architecture they offer, the hardware they use, applications, and even the kind of data center infrastructure they have.

Not assessing your tech capabilities

Cloud hosting can be new territory for most businesses, and unless you have the required expertise within your tech team, you might not be able to make the most of it. Whether you want to run daily operations or migrate from your current hosting system to a cloud platform, everything needs the right skills and capabilities. Look for a hosting provider who can help you with these things.

Undermining site security

Security of your website is non-negotiable. In the process of managing costs and other resources, people often end up ignoring the security aspect of their hosting. This often adds up to more expenses in the long run. Hence, check with your prospective web host about the kind of security tools and measures they have in place, whether they monitor threats and handle disaster management, and so on.

Summing up…

Any technology is only good when implemented right. To ensure you do it right, research well on what you need and what is available, get feedback from other users and read reviews, so you can make the most of your hosting solution.