How Much Does Short-Term WiFi Rental from Trade Show Internet Cost?


In order to determine the cost of short-term wifi internet from Trade Show Internet, it is important to first give the event details especially on the venue and number of attendees. This way, Trade Show Internet is able to determine the best event bandwidth solutions. If you use the appropriate bandwidth, you are assured of fast internet connectivity that enhances the experience of attendees.

Trade Show Internet can calculate the amount of bandwidth required for any event. At, you can get information on bandwidth calculator. But other factors such as cost and speed and reliability will also be used to determine the best bandwidth solution for your specific event.

Having sorted the bandwidth issue, Trade Show Internet also wants to ensure their clients get the most of attendees’ attention and also engage and collect data from the attendees. Through a captive wifi splash page, this is made possible. If the event is a marketing campaign to create more awareness of the brand, then a captive portal will help event organizers achieve their goal.

This is a flexible internet connectivity solution that can be customized to ensure event organizers and company directors have a variety of calls to action. A detailed report on event success will also be provided by Trade Show Internet at the end of the event.