SSD data

Some options for storage media, including Hard drive, solid state drive (SSD) or a combination of both. The main concern to date is still focused on Drive failure rate. The failure that can occur due to several factors such as heat, physical damage or damaged by ingested age. The last two factors are often the main failure of the drive. But did not close the possibility of heat become the main cause of the failure of a driven process. Fortunately, the warning signs and early symptoms of drive failure can be known early on. Then what initial symptoms can we know before our SSD / HDD is broken and can not be used again?

The speed of data transfer.

Notice when we transfer data, write files or copy the drive performance files slow down and not, as usual, it becomes the initial symptoms of drive failure and will eventually become damaged. And if it has started to happen, it is advisable to start backing up your data.

Bad sectors are on the rise.

If a sector can not respond to write/read operations it also becomes an early symptom of malfunctioning of the drive in the future. It can happen due to software errors or physical damage that occurs. And if bad sectors occur because of software then you start trying to make improvements on windows. See ssd data recovery service for more information.

Corrupted data

Files that disappear or cannot be opened are signs of your drive being damaged or not working.

Strange sound (only on HDD)

Unlike SSDs, Hard disk drives (HDDs) will provide initial signals with strange sounds such as clicks or Clarks. If it happens and is followed by a low performance, then a failure or damage to the drive will occur soon.

Monitoring metrics

HDD reporting and analysis (SMART) is an embedded technology built into Hard Disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) that report multiple metrics used to determine overall health.

If your Hard disk drive has started showing symptoms as above, then you should immediately start preparing to make a backup or contact because bad things will happen to our drive but we do not know when will happen.